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That Was Unexpected #Theprompt

It’s time for the prompt over at Mum Turned Mom again, and this week’s prompt is: “That was unexpected.” My thought: well, what isn’t?

I have often been one to plan ahead, to make life seem predictable. I have another post in the w orks about my plans for the then future, now present, that didn’t come true. What I want to focus on now, however, is an unexpected occurrence that was positive: meeting my husband.

In Septembe rof 2007, I was strugglign greatly living on my own, feeling very alone. I wrote about this on a forum on which my now husband happened to be active back then too. He was looking to expand his circle of friends and sent me a private message asking to meet over coffee or tea somewhere in the city I lived in at the time. We first met in real life on September 19, 2007. It took over half a year from then before we were officially in a relationship, but that is beyodn the scope of htis post.

I used to believe in some western variety of karma. That is, when I was still badly depressed during the first few months in the psychiatric hospital, I believed my situation was some kind of punishment for my childhood behavior problems. I was almost completely oblivious to the guy visiting me roughly every other week, sometimes more often, and certainly didn’t realize he was in love with me. Isn’t it odd how the mind can play tricks on us during times of strong emotions or distress?