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My Taste in Music

While browsing Google+ blogging communities, I came across Amber Parnell’s glimpse into her music library. This synopsis of Amber’s musical taste is definitely worth a read. I think, in fact, that I’m going to copy her idea and post about my musical taste.

First, I don’t have a music library. Or rather, I do have some music on my PC, but that is not nearly as varied as my musical taste is. I don’t have an MP3 player or iTunes. Actually, most music I listen to I either listen on Last.fm (when it works) or more often on YouTube.

My musical taste is quite varied as I said. I like mostly folk. At first, this consisted of the likes of the Dubliners and the Pogues. Now, I listen to quite a diverse number of singers/songwriters. Examples include Cara Dillon, Kyle Carey and Karine Polwart.

I also listen to comtemporary christian music, particularly that sung by females – I guess I like female artists more than males in general. My favorite song in the CCM genre would have to be Natalie Grant’s Held.

Other singers in this genre that I regularly listen to are Bethany Dillon, Britt Nicle and most recently discovered Karyn Williams. Examples of male singers in this genre I actually like are Chris Rice and Ceili Rain.

Other than specific genres that I’m into, I like a huge amoutn of bands without particularly liking the genre. For example, I like John Denver but am not specifically into country. I also listen to 21st-century pop sometimes. Particularly, one of my alters is into the this, so I’ve actually liked Blue October, Amy MacDonald and Beyonce. I don’t know if I truly actually like them, excet for Amy MacDonald, or if I “like” them because part of me wants to be trendy.