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  1. Thank you for your blog, we live with Autism in our house every day, and everyday its a challenge, so thanks for bring more awareness. Found your site form the UK bloggers facebook page 🙂


  2. Astrid, where do I start? No one else has ever stated that their awareness of blindness was gradual and didn’t fully occur until he/she was 7-8 years old. I, too, was partially sighted, but I kept my bit of sight til I was 22. I’m aghast that the counselor at your center didn’t empathize with your emotional issues. As a former university teacher and a writer, I commend your writing for its clity, organization and poignancy. Your descriptions of events in your life were compelling. I experienced shunning all the way through high school, but since I was hired by the university, my status and authority ended all that when I began my career. What I experienced was a great deal of on-the-job discrimination. I would like to share my experiences on blindness itself and blindness as it connects to other issues like child abuse, on-the-job discrimination, parenting, alcohol and drug abuse along with freedom from addictions, depression, God, healing, peace and victory. Thank you for your outstanding blog, and I’ve read a lot of them by now.


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