Welcome to my umpteenth blogging effort. I started, like most teenagers at the time, with an online diary in 2002. I moved from the diary site to WordPress and started an actual blog in 2007. However, it became inactiive in late 2011. In early 2013, I started blogging again, but went with Blogger. Now I’m back on WP, because it’s much niftier. Not that I have a clue what “nifty” means, but I stole it from someone moving blogging services years ago.

My name is Astrid and I was born in 1986. I was born three months premature, which caused me to develop an eye condition. I’ve been legally blind all my life and went totally blind about ten years ago. I’m also autistic (diagnosed in 2007) and self-identify with some other neurodevelopmental conditions. I consider myself an autistic activist.

I reside in a mental institution and have since 2007. Besides autism, my diagnoses used to be dissociative identity disorder and PTSD. These were changed to borderline personality disorder in September of 2013. I still talk about my alters sometimes, because I don’t think they’ve suddenly become non-existent now that my therapist thinks I don’t have DID after all. I suffer from a lot of co-occurring symptoms and I could’ve had many other diagnoses in addition to the BPD. I am in therapy and take psychiatric medication.

When I started blogging back up in early 2013, I wanted to have a diary-like blog again. Pretty soon, however, it morphed into the kind of advocacy blog I’d had on WordPress before. With this blog, I hope to incorporate both personal life experience and activism. I hope my blog is accessible to a wide audience. I participate in a few linkies in the hopes of reaching more people who might be interested in my less than ordinary life and might want to learn more about mental health and autism.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Astrid, I do no understand bloggers who put nasty, snarky remarks on other people’s blog posts. If you don’t have anything nice to say leave it alone. That is what I will be doing with your posts, just leaving it alone.


  2. Dear younger version of my self:

    Hi! My pen name is LaVancia and I live in the United States. I spent over 13 years in an state mental institution for the criminally insane. I was diagnosed for the first time with paranoid schizophrenia as I awaited in the county jail to face my charges…

    but I won’t go into all that here. You can read that on my on blog called “The Rebirth of Sanity”. You remind me a lot of myself in that you are making something of yourself while in an institution. I first wrote poetry, then I did different creative activities. I also began to write and am in the process of writing an autobiography about my illness and the recovery from my illness.

    Its been nice to stumble upon your blog. My institution wouldn’t allow us to have internet access. I’m out now, living in my own apartment with my cat.

    Much love and hugs sent your way,


  3. Hi Astrid, nice to meet you. I am a mother of a child with Autism (he is thirteen) and am in recovery from PTSD. Feel free to visit my blog anytime. I think writing about your personal life while being an advocate is very admirable. Visiting you from Weekend blog hop!


  4. Astrid, I accidentally came across your blog and have read a lot with out breathing. Much of what you describe about independence was the best articulation of what I think happens for her. I’m so delighted that you are blogging, advocating and truth telling from an institution.


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