I Found New Day Activities!

It’s becoming a cliche but I really want to write more regularly. Instead of actually writing, I’m looking at journaling guides on Amazon and buying some of them. They’re cool, but if you don’t actually sit down to write, nothing will flow. I started a private journal again on Monday, but didn’t get beyond that first entry. That’s usually how it goes. In that sense, it’s surprising this blog runs for almost five years already.

A daily journal could really benefit me, as I tend to omit many of the seemingly less and even more important things in life on my blog. For example, I never shared how I’d been doing looking for new day activities. Guess what? I’m starting at a new place soon!

I went to tour several day activities places in an area about 20km from my home on June 11. They’re with the same organization my current place is with but in a different area. I think I shared already that the more work-related places weren’t suitable, but a day activities center did sound suitable. It happens to be the closest by my home out of the four places in that area, which is good because of transportation.

On June 25 and 26, I spent the mornings there at the highest-support group. The first day, I was quite overwhelmed, but the second day was better. The staff are all really nice and accommodating. The next week, I spent each morning at the place and loved it. Granted, it was a lot quieter due to some clients being off, but I reasoned I’d probably get used to the noise I’d endured the first days.

This group is for people with severe intellectual disabilities, but most are at least partly capable of performing their personal care. By contrast, at my current group, all clients need help with toileting, most with eating and some need full care. The staff/client ratio is similar. As a result, the staff at the new place are usually more able to do activities rather than running from care moment to care moment. They’re also more used to challenging behavior, as several clients have behavioral issues.

The actvities are varied. They go for walks, some clients go swimming every other week and some go horseback riding (at the place I go to as well). On Wednesday morning, they do a cooking activity and on Friday they visit the marketplace. There also is a fenced yard attached to the group, which has cool swings and a rocking lounger. They have a variety of table-based activities too, some of which I liked and others I didn’t.

I had my “interview” for this new place on Tuesday and both I and the staff were really content. So I have a new “job”. I’ll start on August 6.

One thing that did bother me a bit is the fact that the staff didn’t see a need for a meeting with the Center for Consultation and Expertise (CCE) consultant. At least, that’s the impression I got. They also said we don’t need to involve the manager, as that’s not how things work there. Since with my current place, the manager was the one accepting me and the ultimate decision-maker on kicking me out again, I feared the same might happen the first time I’d have a meltdown there. According to my support coordinator, the staff are in fact open to meeting the consultant but this doesn’t need to happen before I start there. I understand that.

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