What Would It Take for Me to Be in Optimal Physical Health?

Yesterday marked one year since the start of my weight loss journey. At the time, I’d set myself a goal of having a BMI under 30 in a year, which would mean I’d lost approximately 10kg. Well, I reached that goal last January, maintained it for a few months and gained weight again this past month. I’m now almost where I was last December. I need to lose 2kg to be at a BMI under 30.

I originally intended to write a post about my weight loss attempts and how I’d been doing. That got rather boring. I didn’t reach my goal, but I got close. As my husband says, I got an 80% on my weight loss exam.

Rather than boring you with my weight loss stats, I want to write about my physical health as a whole. I picked up the 24-day whole health journaling challenge from Mari L. McCarthy again. I started this challenge several years ago, but never finished it. One of the exercises at the beginning of the challenge is to write out what comes to mind when you think of your ideal physical well-being or balance. Here goes.

If I’m in optimal physical health, I’ll wake up rested each morning after sleeping eight to nine hours a night. This means I’ll have a good quality of sleep, which also hopefully means I won’t snore anymore. I won’t sleep during the day and will not sleep more than ten hours on the week-end.

I’ll eat a balanced diet. I am allowed to enjoy salty snacks or sweets once in a while, but mostly will snack on vegetables and fruits. I will drink at least two liters of water each day. If needed, I’ll take my Metamucil for constipation, but I hope to manage that with diet and exercise. I will find out what foods trigger my irritable bowel syndrome. As a result, I’ll not feel bloated or get bowel cramsp anymore. I will also not get acid reflux anymore. I can manage this with medication, but I’ll also practise slower eating.

Once in optimal health, I am able to walk for 5km without getting exhausted. I will reach my Fitbit’s recommended daily step goal (10,000 steps) a few times a week through regular walks and other exercise. I will go on the elliptical for at least 25 minutes five days a week. I’ll also do weight lifting exercises three days a week. I’ll steadily increase my weight bearing ability.

In summary, to reach optimal physical health, I’ll eat healthfully, exercise regularly and practise good sleep habits. This will help me feel energized and fit and lessen my physical symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and reflux.

7 thoughts on “What Would It Take for Me to Be in Optimal Physical Health?

  1. Hi – I would just say to watch the fruits – because sugar is hard on the body – esp. with wright loss – but the toll it takes on the immune system is slow but potent – and in my very humble view, we eat way too much sugar (even the good fruit sugars can keep us from using stored fats and can arrest immune function) and I use trader joe’s stevia (pure powder) to satisfy need for smoothies.

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      1. Wow Astrid! These goals are phenomenal! In all things.. one day at a time, one breath at a time. And give yourself where credit is due too!! You’ve done amazing!! And by all means, your body needs time to adjust in all things… as long as you are truly doing your part as best as you can, your body is also doing it’s part. I’m sure you’ve taken a self assessment to truly look and see if you CAN maintain a schedule of the three days a week of weight training and 5 days a week of 5k walking and 8 hours of sleep every night. If you have not… this is something else that would be helpful… time management and stress reduction… as cortisol buildup (the stress hormone) will stay with us.. if we cannot stay organized. This keeps us from losing weight.. as it keeps us unbalanced, in all chemicals. It directly relates to the pituitary gland as well.


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