How Our Cat Barry Became Our Pet

This week on Mama’s Losin’ It, the Writer’s Workshop prompts were beautiful. One of them is to share eight things you accomplished in the last week. I may write on that one later, but today, I’m writing on another one, which is to tell the story of how our cat Barry became our pet.

My husband had always recommended that we get a cat to be my companion when I’d go live with him. In the summer of 2013, he had settled in our apartment and hoped I’d soon join him. His mother, who works for the animal shelter, at the time was raising two kiittens, who were too young to be kept at the shelter at only a few weeks old. One o them, the most hyperactive of the two, we named Henk, while the other we named Harry. My mother-in-law recommended we get Harry, the quieter – or should I say less hyperactive? – one.

We got Harry when he was three months old in August of that year. As it turned out, he was rather the slightly less troublesome one than the quieter one of the pair, as he still ran around the house all the time, threw our belongings from tables onto the floor and climbed into and onto furniture.

In the spring of 2014, my husband figureed that maybe a playmate for Harry would help him calm down. His oldest sister, who also works at the shelter, went on the lookout for another cat for us. This became Barry. Yes, we purposefully named Barry this to rhyme with Harry. In fact, my husband half-jokingly gave me the choice between naming him Barry or Heinrich, and I obviously went with Barry.

Harry and Barry didn’t get along very well from the beginning. My husband thought of rehoming Harry to his sister a few times, but often missed him when he was away at hers. So Harry and Barry both moved to our current home with my husband in December of 2015.

The next spring, Barry got a non-bacterial UTI that was most likely stress-related. At first, we thought Barry’s stress came from wanting to go outside and not being allowed to, as he’d go onto the roof and not get off again. This probably was a factor indeed. It quickly becam apparent though that Harry was the main source of stress. While Barry was still recovering from his UTI, Harry started a play-fight with him that was rather bad. This led my husband to finally decide enough was enough. Harry was rehomed to my sister-in-law. She also has two other cats, but they apparetly don’t mind hyperactive Harry and one of them in fact plays with him a lot.

I finally moved in with my husband last May. To be honest, I’m so relieved to just have Barry with us, as Harry was a lot more of a handful. When I first got my iPhone, I worried that Barry would shove it off my table, but he never did *knock on wood*. With Harry on the other hand, I had to pack away all small-enough-to-shove items of value when not using them. That would’ve been quite a stressor to me now that I live here full-time.

Barry was a rather reclusive cat when we first got him and for a long time after. Not the ideal companion for lonesome at home me. Now though, he likes to keep me company even if he still isn’t the kind of cat to like being picked up. He even likes sleeping in our bed at night.

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4 thoughts on “How Our Cat Barry Became Our Pet

  1. It’s nice you had Barry as your companion now. He sounds very much like my Misha. When Misha came to us he was a real loner and didn’t like to spend time with us, was rather fearful for quite a long, so long that we almost thought he won’t ever adapt, but luckily he did, but he too doesn’t like to be picked up, cuddled or to sleep with people. Sometimes though it looks like he needs it and other times he makes an impression that he agreees for some more cuddling because we (or particularly I) need it. But he needs his private space and even when he sleeps with me in my bed he will only lie in his basket that stands on it, not directly beside me. It’s good that Barry isn’t any longer stressed by Harry, although pity they didn’t get along well. Misha’s also very active and playful, but he very rarely knocks over things as he’s rather careful and gentle at the same time. It’s really nice to have a cat as a companion, especially if you spend a lot of time alone at home. It definitely much healthier to have another being with you.

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  2. All cats have their own unique personality just like people, I think. Some are out-going, some are shy, some lay all over whatever you’re doing, others like to be alone more, etc. Our cat, Sunni is 17. Still pretty active. She enjoys being wherever we are and sleeps with us. She’s always been extremely companionable. I need a cat since I’m home alone a great deal. I think it gives a sense of someone else “there” and you can talk to them.

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