U – #AtoZChallenge on Mental Health

Welcome to the letter U post in the #AtoZChallenge on mental health. This was a hard letter once again and hence my post is very short. I have two words for you and they’re pretty irrelevant, but well. Here goes.


People use the word “unstable” to describe the state of not feeling well mentally. In the description of care packages allocated to people, often the word “unstable” is used to describe someone’s psychological state. Of course, if a person is chronically depressed, for instance, they are not truly unstable in the literal sense of the word.

Unusual Experiences

“Unusual” is a word used to describe the experience of mental illness from an inclusive point of view. It sees mental illness as merely an experience that is uncommon. Everyone has unusual experiences at some point. For instance, many people experience totally benign hallucinations at times, for example when drifting off to sleep. As such, the experience of being mentally ill is merely an exaggerated form of ordinary human experience.


2 thoughts on “U – #AtoZChallenge on Mental Health

  1. As someone that is really hard on themselves regarding her mental health reading the section on “unusual experiences” was quite comforting and life-affirming. Thank you for posting that :o) I forget sometimes that being human is a messy business and that it’s not always neat and pretty, especially when you have multiple diagnoses making life harder!

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