#AtoZChallenge: Mental Health (With a Twist)

Can you believe March is already two-thirds over with? Woha. I haven’t posted much this month. Next month, I’ll make up for it, because I’ll be participating in the #AtoZChallenge again. The idea is that, each day of the month of April except for Sundays, you write a post where the topics of each post follow the letters of the alphabet. Last year I did it on autism and chose to write on one topic pertaining to autism each day. Then last October I participated in #Write31Days with the theme of mental health.

After two quite exhausting blog challenges last year, It was a tough decision whether to sign up for the #AtoZChallenge again. Though #Write31Days was much tougher, I still wasn’t sure how to tackle this #AtoZChallenge either. Particulalry, I wasn’t sure what theme would catch enough people’s attention and how I could use it to entertain people while educating them. I want for this year to write posts that people actually like to read. I’d even like to use some humor.

Now I don’t do well with humor, but that doesn’t mean this year’s posts should be as dry and academic as last year’s were. My kind of humor is acrually well-appreciated in some spheres, especially the madosphere. The word “madosphere” was coined by some mental health bloggers to mean the mental health blogosphere. However, my humor is not just appreciated by mental heath bloggers, but by “mentals” in general.

So this year I’m taking my theme from #Write31Days and write about mental health again, but with a twist. Since it’s #AtoZChallenge, I’m going to write the alphabet of mental health. I will write brief snippets about a number of topics that come to mind when I think of mental health, so there won’t just be one topic for each post. For some letters, it was easy to think up five or more words, but for others (partiuclarly the E, J and Y) I’m still searching for words. If anyone has any suggestions of words they think of, starting with these letters of any others, they’re welcome to inspire me.

I was inspired to do this A-Z of mental health by a mental health nursing student blogger I used to read way back in like 2009. Her blog has long disappeared into the archives of the Internet and I am clueless as to how her idea popped into my mind this year. She did an A-Z of secure mental health services. I will get to these too, but I’ll write about mental health and psychiatric care in general. Most of it will be focused on inpatient psychiatric care and severe mental illness, since that’s what I know the most about. However, again, if there are any topics you’d like me to discuss, feel free to let me know.

19 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Mental Health (With a Twist)

  1. Hi Astrid, THank you for stopping by at my blog and saying Hello.
    Your theme for the AtoZ challenge sounds interesting too. I have always been fascinated by psychology and mental health. In college, I considered taking up as my subject of specialisation, but then gave up the idea, as it would mean not studying Literature.
    Look forward to your posts.

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        1. I’m so sorry your family member has to deal with schizophrenia. I have some posts about it on my blog but they mostly explain what psychotic experiences are like (schizophrenia is the most severe form of psychosis). I believe I had one explaining it in my #Write31Days challenge.

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  2. I think it’s a very important topic and I’m glad you’re gonna talk about it from a professional point of view. The more we know about mental health the less stigmatised it’ll become I think. I’ll watch out for your posts!

    Andrea, volunteer in co-host Damyanti’s fab D Company #atozchallenge

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  3. A brave choice of topic – one that is not much discussed and where stigmas still abound in many parts of the world. Kudos for tackling it! Wish you the very best for the challenge.

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

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  4. First thing that came to mind when I thought of E was “epilepsy,” but of course that’s a physical condition, not mental. You could, however, talk about how mental health affects Education, or how it spans several Ethnicities, and how important it is that mental health be a part of the Equality Equation.

    For J maybe “Joint crisis plans”?

    For Y, how about talking about “You”? Maybe talk about what “you” can do to help with mental health, either in yourself or in other people.

    Hard but fun challenge! Good Luck!

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