Grace Cole Fruit Works Peach and Pear Products

Review: Grace Cole Fruit Works Peach and Pear Shower Gel, Body Scrub and Body Butter

As most of you know, I know very little about the traditional blog topics, like fashion and beauty. Nonetheless, I have been perseverating on body care products lately. I have an insane collection of shower gels and have started to collect various other products. I like to write about them on my Dutch blog. Thankfully, the activity staff help me take pictures, because I know that product reviews don’t do well without a picture.

Today, I have my first beauty product review for this blog. I review three products fro the Grace Cole Fruit Works collection: the peach and pear shower gel, body scrub and body butter. I bought them at a Dutch store. I originally intended on buying the pineapple and passion fruit products, but one of them was sold out. I didn’t want to pay the shipping cost to get the products directly out of the UK.

Grace Cole Fruit Works Peach and Pear Products

First, my general impression. I hadn’t expected the body scrub to come in a tube. As a result of this, the shower gel and body scrub packaging feels exactly alike. I labeled the tubes and the body butter pot, but Braille labeling tape is not great for sticking when it gets wet. As a result, the body scrub label came off when I first used it. I put on a new sticker and – knock on wood – it’s still on.

When I opened each product to smell it, a very strong, fruity scent flew into my nostrils. It was great, but maybe a little too strong. The scent is the same for each of these three products. Both the peach and pear scents are recognizable, although upon first opening the products, I mostly smelled pear.

Grace Cole Peach and Pear Shower Gel

The shower gel is pretty thin. That’s a drawback, because too much easily comes out of the tube. Since my natural instinct is to hold the tube in its standing poisiton, which is with the lid facing down, I easily made a mess. However, once I got used to how thin this shower gel is, I no longer made as much of a mess. I apply the shower gel with a sponge. A washcloth might work better because of how much the sponge absorbs, but I like the feel of a sponge better.

Grace Cole Peach and Pear Body Scrub

The body scrub is a tiny bit thicker than the shower gel. At first, I didn’t like it that it’s in a tube, but now I prefer a tube to a pot, because it’s easier to spread the product over a sponge without getting a huge amount on one end and nothing on the other. I have only ever usedtwo other body scrubs, so I can hardly compare the feel of the exfoliating grains. They feel relatively large though. My skin feels a lot softer after applying this body scrub.

Grace Cole Peach and Pear Body Butter

The body butter, like the shower gel, is pretty thin. It’s more like a thick cream than a butter if you ask me, and I prefer body butters to body creams. At first, it also took ages for the body butter to be absorbed by my skin. That was probably because, thinking it would be thicker, I’d applied too much. The second time I used the body butter, it was absorbed pretty quickly. This body butter does leave a bit of a greasy layer on your skin, but it’s not too bad.

When applying each of these three products, the scent is less strong than it seems when smelling the products out of the tubes or pot. I like that. It’s still strong enough to last for a while but not overwhelming.

To conclude, I am not over the moon about these products, as I thought I’d be, but they are still pretty good. The Dutch store where I bought them carries many of Grace Cole’s bath and body products. I am still curious to get more of them. When looking at the official Grace Cole site in the UK, I discovered they also sell lip care products. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find them in the Netherlands, so I guess I’m at some point going to pay the shipping cost to get them.

13 thoughts on “Review: Grace Cole Fruit Works Peach and Pear Shower Gel, Body Scrub and Body Butter

  1. Ooh if the smell is too strong this will probably cause me to have a sneezing fit! Think I’ll avoid these in that case..


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