31 Days of Mental Health #Write31Days

31 Days of Mental Health

Welcome to #Write31Days, a writing challenge in which bloggers pick a topic to write about each October and write about this topic everday during the month. This is my first time participating in this challenge. I still
don’t have an editorial calendar, so though I’ve been thinking of things to

post about, I still don’t have anything scheduled. I hope that won’t prove to be a huge problem.

My topic for this year’s #Write31Days will be mental health. As regular readers of my blog will know, I have lived with mental illness for a long time and currently reside in a psychiatric institution. I have written quite a few informative posts on mental illness already, as well as a number of posts chronicling my journey towards recovery. During this month’s challenge, I am simply going to expand my collection of mental health-related posts. Since like I said, I don’t have an editorial calendar, there probably isn’t going to be a particular order to my posts. I like it that, apart from choosing a topic, there isn’t a requirement to follow any guidelines such as those in the #AtoZChallenge back in April.

I currently have only one mental health diagnosis, but have had many in the past. I also happen to be a psychology student, so I know a bit about the gamut of mental health conditions. I will take the opportunity during this challenge to share some about conditions and symptoms I do experience, but also about things I don’t. In short, I’d like to educate my readers on the spectrum of mental illness and mental health.

Because it may get boring writing all types of dull posts on mental health conditions (and it may get boring reading them), I will be sharing tips for coping with mental illness, as well as posts inspired by my own journey of recovery, too. I hope you’ll learn from and be inspired by my posts.

This is the landing post for this year’s #Write31Days challenge. This means it serves as an index for all my posts that I write during this month. I will post my button in every post, too. If I did it correctly, clicking on the button should take you back to this post.

Click below on the post you’d like to view.


4 thoughts on “31 Days of Mental Health #Write31Days

  1. What a great challenge, I am going to be interested to read your posts over the next month.
    I took part in a smaller blogging challenge to write a post each day for seven days about my breastfeeding journey and it was such a wonderful thing to do. To write each post and then to share.


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