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We got new carpet in my husband’s and my apartment yesterday. It is one item ticked off our list of things we needed to get done before I’d move out of the institution and in with my husband. Not that I need new carpet myself, but it’d be great if all refurbishing in our apartment is done before I move in. The cats did need new carpet, because the type we used to have was hard to clean.

This week’s prompt over at mumturnedmom is “prepare”. In honor of this, I will be talking about the other things we need to get done for me to move in with my husband. I’m also choosing “prepare” as my word of the week.

First, there are the adjustments we need to make to our apartment. We already got a Senseo coffee brewing system, or at least a system which uses coffee pods. This makes it easier for me to make coffee, because, though I used to be able to work a regular coffee maker, I find ours quite hard to operate. We also got an electric stove, so that I can cook with some help myself. The laundry machine and microwave still need to be labeleed for me to operate them.

We got me a new desk for in the living room. My husband has his own study, but the tiny room that was meant to be my study is taken up by the cats (by my choice). The couch still may need replacement too.

Then there are the arrangements we need to make for my home care needs to be met. In this respect, we’re not yet going anywhere. We got a letter with recommendations from the autism center this week, but my psychologist didn’t agree with most of the recommendations. The center recommended I get an autsim-specialized coach involved to determine my needs for care and help me learn independence, but we aren’t yet sure whether any of the coaching agencies they mentioned are contracted for care by our local government. They also will most likely only be able to provide scheduled services, and that won’t meet my needs.

What I need most, after all, is someone to be available for support when I need it and my husband is at work. My husband works irregular hours too, so office hours are not enough. Ideally, the support worker would be able to come out to my home on occasion if I were in a really bad condition, but most times, phone support would probably be enough. The care officer with the local government didn’t say whether this is a possibility. She only said we can get at most three hours of care a day. She meant direct care, so that’s quite a lot.

My psychologist is considering getting the mental health supported housing agency and the assertive community treatment team involved. Both are not autism-specialized but do provide on-call support. I haven’t yet heard whether she has been able to contact either of these agencies yet.

Before I move out, I need to practise being at our apartment when my husband is at work. I haven’t yet been able to do this. I need to discuss taking this step and actually take it soon.

I have been setting a goal for myself. My subscription for mobile Internet access on my laptop expires in late May, 2016. I have a goal that I want to be living with my husband by then. It’s not that I can’t renew my subscription, but it’s just, I want to move out so badly and having a clear date in my mind helps me stay focused.

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4 thoughts on “Prepare #ThePrompt #WotW

  1. That is a lot of preparation. All sounds very positive and carefully considered I hope your trail run of spending time in the apartment alone goes well for you and you manage to do it soon. Thanks for joining in again with #WotW


  2. It sounds like you are preparing very well, and I hope it continues that way. Setting yourself a deadline, even if just in your own mind, is a positive step I think. Wishing you lots of luck x Thank you for sharing with #ThePrompt x


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