Food. I am addicted to it. Unfortunately, unlike other addictive substances, such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, food is something every living being needs. It isn’t like, when you become a part of Overeaters Anonymous or the like, you can abandon food like those in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous abandon their substance of abuse. I still fail to understand the twelve steps when applied to food.

Of course, I could abandon candy, chips, and other snacks. I bought a bag of candies twice this week and, each time, ate all of it within half an hour. In this sense, I’m not doing as well as I said on my blog that I was doing on Tuesday.

I tend to fall into the trap of believing that, since we need food, it doesn’t matter if I eat a bag of candies in half an hour. We don’t need those. Candies are addictive. Refined sugar wouldn’t have been approved by the FDA or similar organizations had it been first introduced today.

A few weeks ago, as I was panicking about some kind of poinsonous thing my husband was talking about, he said I ironically do not fear one of the worst poisons that we consume daily: refined sugar. I have to agree.

This afternoon, I knew that really I shouldn’t go to the store when I asked a nurse for a walk. And when I went to the store anyway, my first intention was to buy tomato soup only. Not terribly healthy, but there really isn’t anything healthy in this store. Fruit and veggies aren’t sold in my institution town’s only store, so well. I ended up buying a bag of my favorite candies too and genuinely promised myself I’d eat them mindfully and actually enjoy them. Not so.

Food. I really need to say the first step of the twelve steps of OA, which is that I’m powerless over it. I realize I truly am, but sometimes, I’m stuck in the trap of believing that you can’t be powerless over somethign that, well, everybody needs.

This post was inspired by one of Mari L. McCarthy’s journaling prompts in her free eBook Mari’s 143 Juicy Journaling Prompts. The prompt was to choose a four-letter word starting with “F”, and to journal about it.

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9 thoughts on “Food

  1. That can be really true. Candy is so so hard to resist, especially when there are so many different kinds in all those lovely shapes and sizes! As far as refined sugar is concerned, your husband might be right. But I’ve read somewhere that brown sugar is a great substitute for refined white sugar and apparently, it tastes just as good. So maybe you could look into that. Good luck!


  2. I have often wondered how the 12 steps are applied to food too. I am terrible with cohoclate. Could eat giant bags of it and not think twice, I am slowly trying to break that. Not easy though. Good luck x


  3. I’m really bad with food like chocolate etc, although I have decided to cut down a lot and i’ve started going to the gym. I find it best to cut down gradually rather than completely like some people do x


  4. Anything sweet, that’s my biggest addiction and with a sweat tooth as big as mine it’s hard to say no to it at times. I’ve gotten a bit better at saying no to it but then at other times I can’t control myself and go on sweet splurges. There are so many other ways to get that sugar rush, my favorite now being from banana pancakes made from just banana and eggs. Good luck though!


  5. Sweets are very addictive. And, in general, it is difficult to take control over food as it’s not something you may give up, like alcohol or cigarettes. That’s something you always need to deal with to keep your body and mind healthy. But, although it’s difficult, it’s also possible to have a balanced diet and feel happy. It’s been a few years since I stopped eating sweets, junk food and started caring about my diet. And I must say it makes me feel happy although in the beginning I supposed I couldn’t make it.


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