If I Had to Choose a Career Path…

One of Mama Kat’s prompts for this week is quite interesting. It says: “You have to go back in time and choose a different career path for yourself.” Now I for one don’t have a career, so I could just choose my favorite career. Then again, what’s that?

I could go back to 2007 and decide to finish my studies in linguistics. When I started, I had it in my head to eventually pursue a Master’s degree in speech and language pathology. You don’t become a speech therapist then, although there was a program at a different university where you could do a speech therapy minor during your undergradaute studies and then become a speech therapist and speech and language pathologist at the same time. The difference is that speech therapists treat patients, whereas speech and language pathologists with a background in linguistics do research and development.

I’d love to be a speech therapist, but it’s most likely not possible for a blind person. I once read a story on the American Foundation of the Blind’s CareerConnect program about a person who was partially sighted and became a speech therapist and audiologist. Both were quite hard. So not that path.

Then I could go back to 2006 and finish the foundation in applied psychology I took at the time. This was an orientation-based foundation where, for the last quarter, you’d choose between psychodiagnostic work and human resource management (don’t ask me why this is one program), social work, social pedagogical care, or elementary education. I chose psychodiagnostic work and human resource management, but if I had to go back, I’d choose social work. This would then become my major during the rest of college and I’d become a social worker. Not quite suitable for an autistic perosn though, and in fact going back in time wouldn’t change the fact that I only passed communication skills training because the teacher let me pass provided I quit.

I could also go back to 2005, when I graduated from high school, and go straight to university rather than taking a gap year for blindness rehabilitation. My intention was to major in English, specifically American studies. I have no clue what type of career I envisioned for myself, because all I dreamt about was going to the United States on a student visa and somehow never returning.

Then again, if I had to choose a career for myself that I want to pursue now, I’d become a journalist. Not very suitable for an autistic person who has the worst typing skills ever, but who cares? I don’t believe any career is suitable for me, which is why I’m on disability. I’d ultimately still like to publish a book, but not sure I ever will.

Mama’s Losin’ It

12 thoughts on “If I Had to Choose a Career Path…

  1. It’s so weird to look back and think of how you could have done things differently. I figure that the path we’re on, is the one that we were supposed to travel, so it’s always best to just look ahead! 🙂


  2. It’s always interesting what paths and trails life takes us on. If you had asked me a few years ago if I’d ever become a blogger, I’d probably think you were crazy. On how times change!


  3. I’m not sure what I would have done if I could do it over again. I got my mastered in behavior analysis, in a program tightly knit with the speech pathology folks, and sent on to work with kiddos with autism until having my own children. Now I stay home and, although I wouldn’t change the time in school or working with kiddos, I may think about other schooling opportunities since I don’t do that work now…


  4. I read your blog. I believe you could write a book if you wished to.
    My favorite quote is from a book on getting started as a writer said, “If you’re over 40, you have enough experience to write and write and never run out of things to write about.”
    After I read that and being over 40, I was inspired to started writing fan fiction & posting it on a website.


  5. I think if you want to write and publish a book you could totally do it. With the software out now that types for you and such, it’s totally feasible. And your story alone would compel people to take a look! It’s not every day someone with sight challenges is writing, you know. 🙂 Good luck to you if you decide to do it.


  6. I wish we could go back to the years had passed and start from there. But unfortunately it’s far from the reality. The best thing to do is focus on the present and shine right there. Good luck to your chosen path.


  7. I find every job I’ve had to be quite challenging even without the disabilities you’ve listed. I can’t imagine how extra hard you’ve had to work for those accomplishments. I think you definitely have the talent to write a book!


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