The A to Z of Me

Last week, I saw the A-Z of me tag on several blogs I read. The idea of this tag is to write up 26 facts about yourself, one for each letter of the alphabet. Since I’m still in the #AtoZChallenge mood and some bloggers are doing afterparties this week-end, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do the A-Z of me myself.

  • A is for Astrid. Yeah, that’s my name. I could choose “autistic” or “art” or whatever, but I choose to take it easy. I was named after Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.

  • B is for blind. I have been visually impaired all my life and have been totally blind since age eighteen, though my parents say I was already totally blind at age eight.

  • C is for coffee. I love it!

  • D is for diary. I kept a diary faithfully from 1999 until 2002. Then the Internet caught my attention and I kept an online diary for a while.

  • E is for eating. I eat to cope with stress or any sort of strong emotion really.

  • F is for frustration. I am terribly easily frustrated.

  • G is for gender. Though I am myself a cisgender woman (assigned female and identifying as such), I support gender diversity.

  • H is for husband. Need I say more? Love him! We’ll have been in a relationship for seven years on Thursday and have been married since September 19, 2011..

  • I is for the Internet. The moment I got connected to the ‘net in 2002, our phone bill rose to E200 a month. We couldn’t get a DSL connection back then so eventually we got cable.

  • J is for journaling. As I said, I used to keep a diary faithfully. Now I struggle with journaling regularly. Love to journal based on prompts.

  • K is for kids. I am childless, not entirely by choice. Though I did make the conscious decision that being a parent isn’t for me, it is still a tough decision. I am not childfree.

  • L is for linguistics. This was my major at Radboud University for the two months that I spent there.

  • M is for mental health. I have had mental health problems all my life, but they became more pronounced when I lived independently at age 21. My current diagnosis is borderline personality disorder, but I struggle with many associated symptoms.

  • N is for neurodiverse. I am diagnosed with autism, but self-identify with a couple other neurodevelopmental conditions.

  • O is for Open University. I have been a student there since 2008, but only completed two courses.

  • P is for premature birth. I was born three months premature, weighing in at 850 grams (1lb, 14oz).

  • Q is for quotations. I just love them! Not being able to see the picture quotes on Facebook is both a good and a bad thing. It’s bad because I would love to and good because I might get enough of them if I did see them.

  • R is for reading. I used to hate it as a child. Now I love reading, though mostly non-fiction.

  • S is for siblings. I have one younger sister.

  • T is for technology. I am terrible with it. I don’t own a smartphone or tablet, can’t fix even minor problems with my computer and hate the tech side of the Internet. Just messed up my static website (again!).

  • U is for unique. I am unique, just like everybody else. That’s a quote I don’t particularly like. Seriously though, I often tend to think I’m the only one going through certain experiences. There is some truth to this, of course.

  • V is for voice. I hate my voice. Back in the days of tape recorders, I used to record myself regularly. Always hated the way my voice sounded. I was a member of a children’s choir for about six years, but my singing voice is even more terrible (if it is considered singing at all).

  • W is for writing. Just love it! I used to write fiction as a teen, though most of it was based on my own life. Now I mostly write blog posts.

  • X is for Xenos, which means “strange” in Greek. That’s a good description of me. Xenos is also a home decoration and gift store that I love. Okay, these factoids may be insignificant, but I just had to come up with something for the letter X.

  • Y is for yoga. Just rediscovered it a few weeks ago after having taken yoga classes for about a year in 2009/2010. I am working on mastering simple poses and exercises.

  • Z is for ZZZ, once again. I sleep a lot, though usually at the wrong moments (ie. during the day). As a child and teen, I had severe sleep problems.

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7 thoughts on “The A to Z of Me

  1. What an informative A-Z. “Childless but not child-free’ – that really struck me. I really enjoy writing and journalling too; interesting how the internet has changed the writing habits of so many of us. I also participated in the A-Z challenge though I’m yet to complete mine. I’m sharing your post on twitter; you’re one brave woman! #allaboutyou


  2. I didn’t realise you were blind, Astrid. I don’t really know what to say. You’re an inspiration and I feel really honoured that you would choose to take part in #TheList and share so openly your challenges and your joys. You are incredible. Thank you so much xxx


  3. Oh, Astrid. You are so amazing. You should be proud of yourself. I love this post. It is nice to know a little more about you. I hate my voice too. It definitely doesn’t sound as I think it should. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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