The month of January has almost come to a close, and I’m getting used to the year being 2015. I only make the occasional mistake of saying “last year” when I mean 2013 – I just did tonight, but it happens way less than it did in the first days of the year.

January started off with great expectations, both good and bad. I expected to be kicked out of the institution and taken off benefits because of all the budget cuts to care and the Participation Act (by which employable people on benefits need to do busywork for their benefits). Then again, for my employability to be assessed as pretty much perfectly nil, the government has until the end of 2018. That means almost four more years to have a slight worry at the back of my mind.

I also wasn’t kicked out of the institution. It isn’t certain that I won’t be, because even though people in my care category fall under the Long-Term Care Act, the institution still has to face budget cuts itself. The Long-Term Care Act, so I’ve heard, guarantees institutional care to those most in need, which includes people in care categories four and up (I’m in five). Then again, if I were to decide to go live with my husband, I’d fall under the local government re funding my care, and they don’t have an obligation to fund anything.

The good expectations, ie. my goals and resolutions, have also gone down the drain pretty much. I had a bingeing episode today again, and am not exercising nearly enough. I also decided not to take up a college course, even though I looked at them a while ago, because, well, I don’t have the money. I might someday take a writing course, but they’re very expensive too. Since my husband and I have plans of refurnishing the apartment before I move in, we could use the extra savings.

Blogging is the only area in which I’m keeping up with my goals, although I’ve stopped working on my Dutch blog right after posting my new year’s resolutions there. I don’t think I posted any about blogging there anyway. At least I’m writing a few posts each week here. Of course, I do feel guilty about not doing what my pro blogger acquaintances tell me to do. Insert long rant on pictures, social media, affiliate programs and self-hosting here. I actually wrote it, but since this post is about january, not blogging fails, let me just say…

It’s going to be another of those years where nothing happens, nothing changes and I don’t have much to be proud of myself for. That’s what it feels like at the end of the first month. I know that January is my second worst month for winter blues, so it might get better. Let’s hope. For now, the weather doesn’t help much. We had a pile of snow on Saturday, which I hate most of the time. It’s gone now, but now we got rain. Needless to say I’m spending most of my time in bed again. Hoping it gets better real soon.

5 thoughts on “January

  1. Don’t be to hard on yourself that your goals went out the window. Januarys a hard month for us too. Winter blues, bad weather, just miserable after xmas. I hope the year gets better for you. I’m sure it will. XX


  2. January is very hard to get through, but it’s almost over! I hope that February isn’t your first worst month! Refurbishing your husband’s apartment sounds like fun, especially if you have some savings. We really need new furniture for our TV room; we’re still using my husband’s parents’ old furniture…it’s really, really old and ugly!


  3. When I was changing the calendar for February, I have a beautiful cat calendar that overlooks my desk, it didn’t seem five minutes ago that I was taking down last years calendar. I find that making smaller goals which are more achievable help towards the bigger goals, small steps rather than long strides. Otherwise we set ourselves up for failure if aim too high.


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. It came through twice, probably because the first time you weren’t logged in with WordPress and then you were. Kind of annoying how WP works in this way. Anyway, I like smaller goals too, but I also like to have some bigger targets to loo forward to.


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