The Year in a Word

A prompt I came across asked us to sum up our year in a phrase, but I’m choosing a word. Creative. When choosing a word for 2014, I chose “self-care”. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to follow along with this theme much this year. I gained more weight (I’m obese), had a really hard time sticking to my exercise routine (or non-routine), and any attempts to start adoptig a healthier lifestyle ended in a few days. I also haven’t made much progress in therapy. Having been diagnosed with BPD in 2013, I had hoped 2014 could be the year of finally finding appropriate treatment. It wasn’t. My antipsychotic medicaiton was upped in late 2013, but unfortunately it had to be upped last week again.

But the year was positive in some other ways, and those things are what causes me to choose “creative” as my word for the year. Early in the year, I chose not to invest much in my old hobby of cardmaking anymore. I am still part of a few cardmaking groups, but had to let go of my commitments on all group sometime this year.

However, I did pick up several new hobbies, including jewlry-making and polymer clay. I did recently start up cardmaking again.

Creative day activities also started to take a place in my week this year. I stopped going to one of the crafty day activity places in late 2013 because the stress of having to wait for the car to pick me up and drive me there and the shortage of staffing made it too hard for me. Fortunately, the day activity room attached to the long-term adult units in my institution (on which I reside) opened its doors in late 2013 too and activities took full effect early this year. I have sometimes had a hard time going there, but I have persevered. As a result, I’ve been able to create quite a few nice things. Below is a picture of a necklace I recently made.


I’m still thinking, but I might just choose “creative” as my intended theme for 2015 too.

5 thoughts on “The Year in a Word

  1. Hello again. When I was in the institution, I spent most of my first two years writing poetry and painting with watercolors and acrylics. Then I joined a crochet class they had there and I learned to crochet. I soon started making blankets, scarfs, hats and shawls. Then next came my favorite: making jewelry.

    Creative activities are very therapeutic as they tend to calm the mind and give one something to do with all the time you have in an institution. I still make some jewelry today; however, I am mainly working on my autobiography. I wish you the best and hope you have a lot of fun in doing creative hobbies. – LaVancia


    1. Hi LaVancia, thanks for the comment. I have started my autobiography many times but never finished. I intend on starting a writing course on (auto)biography hopefully in 2015. You give me lots of hope.


      1. Thanks you so much for the compliment. Yes. There is hope and that’s exactly why I’m wanting to publish my book. Mental illness is not a death sentence: it’s treatable and quite possible to recover. Keep the hope and dream alive. -kindly LaVancia


  2. It’s a gorgeous piece of jewelry.
    I think you will more than fulfill this year’s word. Self-care is a tough one for sure. I think I failed on that many times over, but possibly better than I thought.


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