How I’d Spend the Holidays…

One of Mama’s Losin’ It’s writing workshop prompts this week is to describe how I’d spend the holidays if it were totally up to me and money wasn’t an issue. Since I’ve been extremely overwhelmed by what Christmas “should” be like, I thought I’d fantasize a bit.

I have several ideas floating around in my head. The first is that I’d stay in our little apartment with my husband. Given that we have two rather hyperactive cats, we can’t decorate the place. Not that I’d want to either. I love to make Christmas cards and decorations, but to decorate my home is quite a different story. After all, this is one of my main stresses on the psych ward: the whole ward is decorated and there are Christmas trees and decorations everywhere in my path from the entrance to my room. I’ve bumped into them on quite a few occasions so far.

I would want to bring somee Christmassy atmosphere into the home, but would do it with scents. Last year, I bought a set of wintery scents at the local supermarket, all suited for in my diffuser (but they came with a burner in case you don’t have a diffuser). I love these scents and would buy some additional oil pads so that I could interchange scents without having to use the first one up before inserting a new one.

Taking a bath on Boxing Day would also be nice. At my husband’s, we don’t have a bathtub, but at the ward we do. So once returning to the ward, I’d spend some time taking a relaxing bath with some lavender soap in it.

We’d of course eat my favorite dish on Christmas night, which is chicken with vegetales and either noodles or fries. If we ate noodles, the dish would be spiced up with lots of herbs and spices. I really don’t know about spicing up fries. Any ideas?

other than that I’d just spend the holidays relaxing with my husband. I’d also spend considerable time online, since even though my Internet connection is okay, it’s not as good as my husband’s.

Most of all, I’d have zero obligation to put on a holiday spirit and shiney, happy face when I’m not happy. Of course, I’d be nice to my husband, but I’m usually nice to him the rest of the year too and don’t have to put up a façade for this.

So how am I really going to spend the holidays? On Christmas day, my husband and I will spend the evening at my in-laws, where my husband says we will eat chicken. I guess he’s afraid that if he cooks up any sort of specially-prepared holiday meal, I’ll shame him about it on my blog.

I’ll take my computer with me so that, if my husband and his family want to watch any type of televison I don’t like, I can just spend time online. Then at night my husband and I may leave for our apartment. I will probably return to the ward on Boxing Day. Most likely, there won’t be time for a bath, but I can diffuse my lovely scents all I want.

Mama’s Losin’ It

6 thoughts on “How I’d Spend the Holidays…

  1. I love scents to. And yanky candles. I wonder if there is a nice candle store near where you live? I suppose the ward wouldn’t allow you to have candles though. Merry xmas, have fun, but I am sure you will! The card I plan on sending you is going to be late, hope that’s ok with you! XX have candles though. Merry xmas, have fun, but I am sure you will! The card I plan on sending you is going to be late, hope that’s ok with you! XX


  2. What’s a ward? (I’m an American) I used to work with a English lady, so I know what Boxing Day is! LOL.
    On spicing up fries: Restaurants here spice fries up with garlic & parmesan cheese. (Probably garlic salt actually.) Also covering fries with melted cheese and bacon bits is popular.


    1. I mean a residential psychiatric unit. I thought that was a U.S. term. I’m Dutch so whether something is UK or U.S. English it’s foreign to me anyway, so I usually forget there’s a difference.


  3. Hello Astrid:

    “I really don’t know about spicing up fries. Any ideas?”

    I usually use mixed spices [this is usually marjoram – sage – thyme]; turmeric; rock salt and sometimes curry. Also black pepper might work well.

    Fill a bowl about the size of your hand with any spice.

    Move the chips around in that bowl.

    Or put the chips in the crisper/saucer. Pre-spice that container.

    One seasoning I really enjoy for fries/chips is chicken salt.

    I hope this makes your holiday good.


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