Blogging #WotW

It may seem strange that I choose “blogging” as my word of the week, since I’ve only posted once this week other than this post. The reason however for both my lack of posting here and my choice of words, is the fact that I’ve set up a Dutch blog. Don’t worry, I won’t stop posting here!

What I love about the Dutch blogosphere is that, to my knowledge, it’s not as dominated by Mom bloggers as the English-language blogosphere is. It may be that I go for other bloggers to read to sites that are usually frequented by younger women. Then again, in the general blogging groups on Facebook, most bloggers are more personal or lifestyle bloggers even if they’re Mommies.

I also like it that, if a person writes about a product, I can actually be sure that, should I want it, it’s available where I live. It’s not that I’m too interested in beauty or fashion products, but lifestyle (and some beauty) does appeal to me at least as a reader. I’ve not yet taken part in a giveaway, but want to someday.

Related to the above pro of Dutch blogging is that I myself can blog about products or services I like and be sure my readers won’t say that it’s not available in the U.S./UK. Some of you may remember my post on the game of Pim-Pam-Pet (no, not going to link as I’m too embarrassed). I got only one comment saying the game most likely isn’t available in the reader’s country and besides, it would most definitely not be called Pim-Pam-Pet. (Yes, I had researched what it might be called and did think I’d stumbled on an English-language website where it was called that.)

Besides, on many other topics, the content I (intend to) write is more suited to a Dutch-reading audience. For example, I did a whole series on my old blog in 2009 on the Dutch care system. It was very hard to write about this with enough detail that it’d still be interesting to me to write about but also with enough explanation that it’d be understandable by my readers. At least Dutch readers will have some idea of wha tI’m talking about, and if they don’t, I can link to information they will understand.

Other content, of course, is more suited to an English-language audience. I participate in a lot of linkies and writing challenges, and I have no intention of abandoning them. So as I said, don’t worry, I’m not going to abandon ship.

I’ve been excited to find out that I got quite a few comments on my first “real” post (after the intro). I so far didn’t get any comments on my second and most recent post, but I don’t expect my blog to rank top of the blogs soon (or ever) anyway. I’ve also been loving to connect to some nice bloggers in the Netherlands. Overall, I really hope to continue blogging for a long time to come. That’s been the challenge usually.

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5 thoughts on “Blogging #WotW

  1. In awe that you can write so well in a second language, I really wish I could write in something other than English. If your Dutch blog is anywhere near as well written as this, they’re in for a big treat! πŸ™‚
    Amy J


  2. I am from the Philippines but I am here in the UK. So I blog about UK things. I was thinking of trying to blog in there as well. I should do a test blog too but I really dont know where to start.

    This is so inspiring. I get what you mean through and through.




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