A Letter to the Future

This week’s prompt from Mumturnedmom is “a letter”. I have written several posts that are letters or that are about writing letters on this blog so far. Rather than link up an old post, however, I’m going to take on a new challenge and write a letter… to the future. There is or at least used to be this site called FutureMe, where you could write a letter and have it E-mailed to yourself on a specific date in the future. Writing letters to the future is more challenging than writing letters to the past, which I already did on this blog. After all, I know what the past was like, and I don’t know what the future will be like. However, here’s my attempt at a letter to myself ten years from now.

Dear Astrid,

How are you? I am doing okay, but I hope you’re doing even better. Remember me? It’s your 28-year-old self. You know, the one with all the mental health struggles, residing in an institution. I hope you’re doing better in the mental health department than I am.

Where do you live now? Do you still live in the small town large institution? Or have you moved on towards living with your husband? I hope you’re still married to him and will be for many years to come.

Are Harry and Barry, our pet cats, as mischievous with you as they are with me now? I hope not. Actually, I hope that they’ve grown into the kind of quiet cat my parents own. Then again, chances are slim, as Morse was a lot quieter when he was a kitten than Harry and Barry ever were.

Do you, at age 38, still miss out on being a mother, perhaps even more than I do? Or do you feel at peace with childlessness now? Of course, since I don’t know, maybe you actually have a child! That would be quite interesting. Most likely, you’ve at least become an aunt.

Speaking of my sister, did she start in a Ph.D. program yet, perhaps even having earned her Ph.D. already? Does she have a nice historical archiving job? Is she married to her boyfriend yet?

I hope you too are more active than I am. Maybe you have a volunteer job. Have you started on that biography writing course I so want to start yet? Maybe you’ve finished writing your autobiography! If so, is it still titled Some Former Preemies Will Later Go to University?

Maybe you’ve found yourself on an entirely different path than I can imagine right now. With my hypochondriac tendencies, I still wonder whether you’re even alive. But if you are, I hope you’ll find this – supposing WordPress still exists -, and respond.




5 thoughts on “A Letter to the Future

  1. I wonder if I should write myself a letter to my future self and hand it to a relative to give back to me in 10 years time! wouldn’t that be interesting! hmmm you have me thinking now!


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