Week of July 28 to August 3, 2014 #Mumslist

While looking at blogs I might want to subscribe to, I came across the lovely Mums’ Days by Hannah, and her fabulous linky Mums’ List. The linky is about all kinds of lists, but especially a list detailing your week both in real life and in blogging/social media. I love linkies and lists, so I badly wanted to participate, but wasn’t sure I could since I’m not a Mom. I left a comment aking this, but then saw the rules and figured out the answer by myself. So here goes

Real Life

  1. Spent a lot of time and energy on my computer, both working on it and trying to get it to work. My husband fixed some of the problems, but not all. Left a few calls with the screen reader company, because that appears to be the problem.

  2. Enjoyed time in the garden and outside in general. It’s been sunny all week. Had a BBQ on Thursday for my ward. It was crowdy and noisy as a DJ came to play music and a lot of people sang along. Not my favorite pastime, though the food was good.

  3. Made a lovely loom bracelt. Yes, I mentioned this on Friday, too, but I mention it again because my husband was able to snap the picture today and I really want to show it off. Made an attempt at starting another loom bracelet for a nurse over coffee today, but I’d better just spend my time drinking coffee or looming than both at the same time.

  4. Finally went to the gym again after skipping it for two weeks. Had quite a nice work-out.

  5. Managed to buy a lot less candy than I usually do, but got a bag of liquorice in exchange for another bracelet so still probably ate as much as I normally do (which is too much). We also had fries tonight, but the little step I’ve taken is finally being able to eat a normal size portion.

Loom Bracelet

Blogging and Social Media

  1. Not been blogging much this week. I really had to bribe myself to write.

  2. Discovered the lovely Headspace Perspective, a blog about premature birth, birth trauma and baby loss. Since I am the oldest surviving child of a mother pregnant several times before delivering me, and I’m a preemie, I felt a kind of connectedness even though I haven’t been in Leigh’s shoes.

  3. Got a lot of compliments on my bracelet in Facebook groups.

  4. Not looked at my blog or Twitter stats (I don’t have a Facebook page or Pinterest or whathaveyou). My blog stats are probably misleading as I had around ten spam comments from what appear to be different spammers yesterday and last night. I’ve enabled comment moderation for new commenters now.

Goals for the Upcoming Week

  1. Make two loom bracelets.

  2. Buy candy only once. Go to the gym once too.

  3. Study 100 pages of intro to psychology textbook.

  4. Write at least three blog posts.

Mums' Days

3 thoughts on “Week of July 28 to August 3, 2014 #Mumslist

  1. Welcome Astrid! Sorry it’s taken so long to comment, but it’s great to have you 🙂 Sounds like you’ve had a great week and I’m really impressed with your loom band! My step daughter Gabby is obsessed with making them and I’m obsessed with making sure they aren’t left around the house, so my feeling are a little mixed, but you’re does look great!

    Thanks for linking in with #MumsList xxx


    1. Thanks for your comment. Sorry it took me so long to approve it – my computer crashed. I am glad you like my loom bracelet. I find the mess a bit annoying too, but the craft is great fun.


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