Play the Game of Pim-Pam-Pet

The game of pim-pam-pet

I go to the activity room in the building across the street from my ward regularly. Usually, I do crafts there, but I sometimes play word puzzles and card games too. One such card game is pim-pam-pet. It’s a very family-friendly game, which I played as a child too. I could hardly find English-language information on it so don’t know whether the game is sold in the U.S. or UK, but the cards are easy to make. There also seems to be an iPhone app fo rthis game. Pim-pam-pet isn’t played with a regular deck of cards. Instead, there are a set number of cards with category words on it, such as “book”, “girl’s name”, etc. Then the game contains a letter wheel used to select the letter with which the answer to the word on the card needs to start. If, for example, the card says “girl’s name” and the letter showing on the wheel is A, the players need to come up with a girl’s name starting with A. The first person to name a girl’s name starting with A (Astrid!) wins that card. At the end of the game, the player possessing the most cards has won the game.

There are premade sets of cards which you can buy at a toys store. However, you can also make your own cards using pieces of white cardstock. On those, you can put funny questions such as “What do you like eating for dinner?”, “who do you love most?”, etc. Of course, the letter showing on the wheel limits your choice. I myself find I sometimes get stuck when I can’t think of something I genuinely like with the letter showing, but other people I play with name random things. For example, it’s quite funny to hear someone who can’t stand broccoli answering that to the question of what they like to eat for dinner when the letter B comes up. Similarly, when the question is to name a book and the letter showing is I, my activity staff has come up with: “In the summertime. I bet there’s a book titled that.”

When you are playing seriously, this game is a good way of teaching object categories to children. It may be that you’ll need to turn the wheel multiple times. After all, what if the letter Z comes up and the question is a color? When you’re playing for fun, the answers to questions like “who do you like to play with?” can be good conversation starters. When people give random responses, it’s just a way to have a good laugh. In any case, pim-pam-pet is a really fun and sometimes educational game for anyone old enough to know their letters.

2 thoughts on “Play the Game of Pim-Pam-Pet

  1. This game isn’t available in the UK, at least not under this name, and I looked at the Dutch Wikipedia entry and it didn’t seem to mention an English variant. A pet is obviously a domestic animal, and it would seem very odd to have “pet” in the name of something that doesn’t involve animals.


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