Three Wishes #Theprompt

I stumbled across #theprompt via Kizzy’s post for this week, which I came across through a blogging community on Facebook. This week’s prompt is: “If I had three wishes…”

Unlike Kizzy, I don’t think big when thinking of what wishes I’d like granted. In fact, this may be selfish, but the firist two I was able to think of, only directly impact me or my family, and the third, I had a hard tiem thinking of.

Wish 1: proper care and support for myself, so that I can live a fulfilling life and have my health and social care needs met. I know this sounds selfih, but I’ve for the last several years always said that, if I won the lottery, I’d spend the money mostly on hiring support staff. I could reframe my wish so that everyone gets the care and support they need, and this would be ideal, but honestly, the first thing that would come out of my mouth if a genie popped out of a bottle, would likely be to wish this for myself.

Wish 2: for my husband to get a great job. I initially wrote “his dream job” here, but I have no clue what that is and I think neither does he. I guess I’ll leave it up to the genie to figure that out.

Wish 3: for every Internet site, book and other media source to be completely accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. I don’t mean that pictures need to be banned, because that would make media inaccessible to visual thinkers, but I would like to have a way to make them accessible to the blind. This would require technological advancements, but oh well, it isn’t my job to instruct the genie on how to make my wish come true, is it? 😉 That third wish was particularly hard to think of. I originally thought of wanting to see a little again, so this might come out of my mouth if a genie showed up, but since now writing this post, I have more time to think, I realize that what I truly miss is the ability to access visual media sources. Oh, I miss being able to see colors too, but I tried to think of something bigger that would impact other people too, and color detectors are already available, they’re just very expensive.

Okay, now I realize maybe I should’ve wished for wrld peace, an end to discrimination, and an end to poverty. As a teen, these would’ve come to mind quite quickly, I guess. I was involved in politics and not just out of self-centeredness – cause what impact did the war on Iraq have on me? Now that I’m an adult, I’m less idealistic and in a way more selfish, wishing mostly a good life for me and my husband. Oh well, maybe as a teen, if I had little time to make a wish, something more futile like a new laptop would come out of my mouth. 😉


4 thoughts on “Three Wishes #Theprompt

  1. Your wishes are great wishes and they are justified. At the end of the day, if we really had three wishes that could be granted, I believe everyone would wish for things that would make their own lives better. Mel #ThePrompt


  2. I think we all need to take care of ourselves sometimes and while it would be wonderful to solve the big issues, they are so complex that I wonder if a single wish made by any of us would truly fix them… I love your thoughts on how your wishes might have changed over time. Your wishes sound perfect for you at this moment. Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x


  3. I found this post really touching. Thank you. I want you to know that there is nothing selfish about wishing for proper care and support, nothing selfish about wanting to have a fulfilling life and nothing selfish about wanting to have your health and social care needs met. These are things that the great majority of people take for granted until the final years of their lives, but things which absolutely everyone has a right to. I hope you never stop wanting them, wishing for them and expecting them. You deserve them.


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