Book Review: Wosie the Blind Little Bunny by Rose King

Wosie the little bunny wanders away from the blueberry bush. Because she is blind, she cannot find her way back. She finds a stick to tap and feel her way around. At one point, she touches something soft with her stick, which turns out to be Bobo the bear, who’s sleeping. After Wosie explains that she is blind and what that means, Bobo agrees to bring her to the blueberry bush, and they end up being friends from that point on.

Wosie the Blind Little Bunny is suitable for ages three and up. It is written in a beautifully poetic way. I ended up smiling at the rhyming several times. While Wosie is not the most independent blind bunny, and therefore some self-proclaimed competent blind adults might find this story offensive, you have to remember that Wosie is a little bunny. The story does explain the fct that blind bunnies can hear and feel fine. Overall, I liked the story and found ii very suitable for toddlers. It emphasizes the importance of friendship over differences.

Book Details

Title: Wosie the Blind Little Bunny
Author: Rose King
Publisher: Xlibris
Publication date: January 2013

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