2014 in a Word

I didn’t really make new year’s resolutions this year. This is in contrast to a few years back,w hen I usually had several dozen. In fact, I had 98 in 2002. Needless to say I didn’t keep most. This is likely because there were too many. So when I saw this post a few days ago, in which the author sums up her theme for 2014 in a word, I was inspired. What would my one-word theme for 2014 be?

When asked in Facebook groups and the like, I did say I had some goals for 2014. For exaple, I wanted to exercise more and spend more time on my hobbies. How can I sum these up in a word? Self-care. I want to focus this year on self-care in the physicla,, mental and spiritual sense. I am not going to list all the things this entails, because that would mean making a dozen resolutions again and shifting the focus away from the central theme. Let’s see how I do this year.

9 thoughts on “2014 in a Word

  1. I am so glad you were inspired by my post, and I LOVE your word, “Self-care!” I think you will really like using just one word; just today, I found myself ready to open up facebook before doing my devotions and all I said to myself was my one word, “Focus” and I quickly opened up the Bible instead! And then I found myself multi-tasking, as usual, and said to myself, “Focus” and I quickly began to single-task!


  2. I think it’s a great word for the year, and I could definitely benefit from this myself. I find myself caring for everyone else around me, but myself? Not so much. I think it’s a great idea to find a word to repeat like a mantra and use it to focus on what’s important. Great choice. And thanks for linking with The Spin Cycle!


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