Seven Things This Autistic Person Is Thankful For

Vicky over at Single Mother Ahoy is hosting a link party on the topic of gratitude this week. I came across it by chance while surfing Google+ for interesitng blogs then clicking through, and I thought I’d participate. Now I already did a (twisted) gratitude post on Thursday, so for today I thought of Ellen’s 15 things special needs parents are thankful for, and I thought I’d do one myself. I am not sure I can get to fifteen, but here are some things autistic people are thankful for. Or at least, this one autistic person is.

  1. Understanding family and friends. I have found in particular that my husband is very understanding of my differences.

  2. Friendships with other autistics. I am not too sociable in real life whether it’s with autistics or neurotypicals, but I appreciate online friendships with other autistics.

  3. Technology. Oh, where would I be without it?

  4. An Internet connection. You may have technolgy, but in this institution I reside in, wifi is not provided, so I’m glad I have my own mobile plan on my laptop.

  5. Empathetic support staff. I know some staff can be hellish, but many are very understanding.

  6. Quiet time. On a ward with eleven people, I appreciate every mooment when it’s quiet enough that I can blog.

  7. Hobbies and crafts. I wouldn’t know what to do with my time if I hadn’t discovered crafting or writing.

So, that’s seven. I might be able to think of more and am open to suggestions.

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