Twisted Thankful Thursday and a Card

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S., but today, I have a hard time feeling thankful. Yet I want to turn my disappointments into opportunities. Like, I got kicked out of the comment exchange group that’s gotten me most traffic to this blog in the past couple of days. I don’t know why and the onwer didn’t bother to send me a message. Like, I had been accused of posting negative comments, but had apologized because I was unaware that most people want positivity only, not just on their blog posts but on the prodducts/recipes/etc. they are writing about. I don’t see why I can’t say that a recipe that’s loaded with cheese is not for me, but well. Anyway, turning this into an opportunity means I can again blog about what I want without needing to take into account readers whose only reason for checking out my blog is that they have to.

I’m also thankful in a similarly twisted way for having dropped out of a Chrismtas cardmaking challenge a few weeks ago. This was costing me a lot of energy and leading me to create quick cards that should’ve landed in the bin right after posting them to the chalenge group. (The other members don’t judge my cards because they know I’m blind, which I’m not sure what I think of it.) Now I have more time and energy to devote to making better cards, and honestly I’m pretty satisfied with this one. Of course it’s not as good as a card made by someone who can see, is not as clumsy as I am, and has been making cards longer, but this one is okay with me.


For the flower, I used Nellie Snellen dies. I embossed the side strip with a Cuttlebug embossing folder. The yellow and pink cardstock I used for the flower and side strip come from a large Bazzill cardstock pack. The purple base comes from a pack I bought at the local supermarket.

2 thoughts on “Twisted Thankful Thursday and a Card

  1. That’s a very pretty card! Really like it. And no, not “pretty for a blind person”, because I can’t bring myself to compliment something that I think isn’t all that good. Which probably makes me a horribly unempathic person. But this is very good.


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