I’ve been feeling kind of empty lately. It’s as though, since my diagnosis was changed from a dissociative disorder to BPD, my alters (if they existed) have gone into hiding, and I’m not sure what’s left of me. I’ve been feeling a bit depressed for about two months, and, while I am currently experiencing a few days of more (hyper)activity, my mood is not better. I also feel a deep s adness within me, but I cannot reach it except by going through anger first. This is not unusual fo rme, but often I can at least feel that I’m sad, while now, I merely know. We were talking in therapy yesterday about the needs a growing child needs to have met, and I was talking about what I felt I’d lacked in some of these areas, without really feeling much of anything. Ultimately we ended up talking about social skills. That topic may need addressing too, but really, I felt like I couldn’t access or process my feelings.

1 thought on “Empty

  1. Best wishes to you, and hoping that you find peace within yourself. I have felt this way, yet never been diagnosed by a professional as to what kind of issues I have psychologically. I studied all of my Mom’s old psychology books from college, and I was surprised how naturally it was for me to understand.. so after years of further research on my own, I have found a HUGE discovery… it is not so much a matter of our individual “problems”. It’s more of a collective issue that humanity as a whole is dealing with. You are NOT alone in this “empty” feeling.. a LOT of people feel that way right now, and even though it may seem terrible, I believe it’s what every person feels when they are being Activated. There is a global transformation taking place right now on our planet, humans are evolving. this has to happen for humanity to survive… there’s been a lot of manipulation and lies placed upon us for too long. God did not create us to be sickened, despairing creatures? it doesn’t matter what God you believe in, as long as you believe and have faith that humans are amazing powerful beings of love and light. we just need to wake up and REMEMBER WHO WE ARE : ) blessings to you dear one!


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