Need Care? Be a Pain in the Neck

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pretty fearful of losing my autism diagnosis now that the DID/PTSD was changed to BPD. I’ve had a number of arguments with various people over whether certain aspects of me, like my inability to live on y own or with little support, are due to autism or due to BPD. The answer matters in some way, because, as I said a couple of weeks ago, if it’s BPD, it means it can be treated with cognitive therapy.

Now I have always been very adamant that my inability to live on my own is due to autistic organizing and processing difficulties. To the person believing the inability is due to BPD, this comes across as defensiveness: I’m just scared to take responsibility for my own life and I use autism as an excuse.

Unfortunately with this comes the idea that this fear will go away if I just get enough kicks in the butt. I know that flooding is used in anxiety treatment, but is it truly the most appropriate way of treating the fear of taking responsibility for your own life, assuming this is indeed what is going on?

I’ve often wondered and worried how people are going to tell that they are wrong in assuming that all my inabilities (except for those that are obviously due to blindness) are just insecurities. I mean, the only time I succesfully signaled that I needed more support, in 2007, I did so in a very much borderline way, ie. by threatening suicide in a public place. It is easy to say that this is my BPD acting up and I need to be ignored.

Of course, the currently mentally healthy person would say, why don’t you just ask for more help in an appropriate way? Now I will tell you something about the way the care system works here: depression, anxiety or other emotinal problems are no grounds for care. Only behavioral problems are. In other words, if you need help, you’ve got to be a pain in the ass. Now please untangle this reality for me: if you’re still well-behaved enough to signal you need help without destructive actions, you’re obviously healthy enough not to need this help. Now if that isn’t reinforcing behavior problems, I don’t know what is.


2 thoughts on “Need Care? Be a Pain in the Neck

  1. And even if it is BPD acting up, WHY SHOULD IT BE IGNORED?Man. You're really stuck behind a rock and a hard place. I feel your pain. Any professional worth their degree shouldn't be able to "take" your autism diagnosis away because it HAS to have been present in your childhood too, even if it wasn't disabling back then. Otherwise you couldn't have gotten the diagnosis.But the fear. Yes. I know it. And I think you are all those things. All those things that you think are part of you. Whether they're grounds for care or not.Keep on kicking up a shit storm. Be strong when you need to be. Be vulnerable when you feel safe. I hope you can find a place of safety to get your strength from. But whatever happens, I believe in you being you.


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