Eye Surgery Was Yesterday

Yesterdy was my eye surgery. I got onto the unit half an hour early and was admitted over an hour late because the person before me required complex care. I would’ve been operated on at 10:00 AM but wasn’t until around noon. Technically, the operation was somewhat of a success and somewhat of a failure. The ophthalologist was able to remove the lens, but not implant an artificial lens. She told my husband that for color vision, which I was mostly hoping for, this would not make a difference.

Functionally, well, what can I say? I went to get checked up today and was able to see the flashlight on the first try and also see the blue light used for checking eye pressure. Prior to surgery, the optometrist had had to move the light closer two times before I could see it and I didn’t see the blue light. To be honest, I knew the blue light was blue; I could not actually see that this time either. The doctor checked whether I could see what direction the light came from (light projection) or whether I could see her hand move right in front of my eyes, but I could see neither. I had swelling on my cornea, so it could be once this clears up I will get some further improvement in vision. Overall though, I feel that functionally surgery mostly failed, and I reckon the cataract specialist would never have put me on the list had he known this tiny improvement would be all I got. I do hope once I’m all recovered, I can close this chapter and finally accept the fact that I will always be completely functionally blind.

2 thoughts on “Eye Surgery Was Yesterday

  1. I hope that the thought that you've tried all the options will give you a measure of peace! I would have done the same thing in your situation. Even a little improvement is a lot when it makes you feel more capable of dealing with the way things are. Doesn't mean it doesn't suck, but dealing with "what ifs" is exhausting too.


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