Family Offered $86K to Take Son out of School, Waive Complaints of Abuse

I don’t normally use trigger warnigns but this post sure requires one for graphic descriptions of abuse.

@mamabegood on Twitter just posted a news story that says that a family was offered $86K to keep their autistic son out of public school. That’s what the title reads. The actual story is much worse and includes abuse at the hands of a teacher.

This story, unfortunately, is not an isolated case. Many children and adults with autism get abused by professionals in whose care they’ve been placed in one respect or another. The details of the abuse in thsi particular story remind me of a lot of “old-school” ABA therapy, where aversives were presumed to be the single most important factor in its success. David Swanson, the young autistic in this story, was force-fed by a teacher because he refused to eat with a metal rather than plastic fork due to oral sensitivity. Now imagine if I forced a sharp object into your mouth. This would sure be considered abuse. If you then vomited and I’d force you to eat your own vomit, that’d make the abuse even worse.

Honestly, even though this news report is generally okay, it’s symptomatic of something I can’t quite pin down that the most focus is put on the money offered to David’s mother to take her son out of school. Is it that abuse of autistics is commonly excused because “they” (autistics) are difficult, aggressive maybe, hard-to-parent often, and many times won’t meet up to the expectations of others? Please, if you’ve made it to this point in my post, let’s join Mama Be Good on Facebook in a moment of silence. Thank you for reading.


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