Reasons to Be Cheerful

I didn’t go to sleep till 4:00 AM last night and awoke at 8:30 this morning. Have been blog surfing for just a bit too long. I’m loving the new blogs I discover. Mostly, they’re Mommy blogs. Seems a bit strange given that I’m childless by choice, but I actually love them.

There’s a blog hop over at Looking for Blue Sky, one of the parent blogs I discovered, on reasons to be cheerful, and I’m going to try to participate if I may. If I’m not allowed to cause of not being a Mom, I apologize.

I have a lot of things to be cheerful about that I don’t always think of. Today, the relatively new activities staff person will come to my ward, and she’s really nice. As a result, I will be able to make some pretty cards this afternoon. Cardmaking can be frustrating, but when I’m successful, it really cheers me up. I have a Christmas design in mind which I hope will satisfy me for once. Last week, I was also very cheerful over a Christmas card I made.

In related news, my jewelry making supplies will likely arrive in the mail today. I try simple jewelry making as something to complement my paper crafting when I need something more tactile. Right now, I have some wonderful handmade polymer clay beads waiting to be stringed on a wire. I made them in green and gold glittery Fimo, which I’ve heard is quite a rare color combination. I chose it myself.

Then there is the lovely blogosphere which I’m part of again. I know, I’ve been blogging off and on for years, and a few posts are no guarantee that I’ll stick to this blog, but I really plan to.

Lasly, the weather is beautiful. It’s in the 70s here, which is good for late August. There is some rain now and then, but it’s also sunny at times. Have a great day!

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